Sources for Daily News About Israel and Palestine

As our media analyses make clear, the news coverage of Israel/Palestine by most of the American media omits a great deal of significant information.

Accordingly, we have created a news site, Israel-Palestine: The Missing Headlines, containing daily news reports from diverse sources to augment mainstream US coverage.

There are also a number of international and alternative news sources that provide more complete information on this conflict. Listed below are some of these sources:

We also recommend that you augment your news by reading first-hand reports.

Israel-Palestine Timeline

Our latest project Israel-Palestine Timeline: The human cost of the conflict records photos and information for each person who has been killed in the ongoing violence. Visit the site

History of the Israel Lobby

Alison Weir's book Against Our Better Judgement: How the U.S. was used to create Israel brings together meticulously sourced evidence to outline the largely unknown history of U.S.-Israel relations.

Buy it on Amazon, and visit the book website for reviews, more ordering options, and upcoming author events.

Palestine Photography Project

The Palestine Photography Project reproduces high quality images of historic pre-1948 Palestine from the Library of Congress. Visit the site

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